Our Mission:

Ignite in every Christian a personalized vision for strategic participation in global evangelization!


The PathWays course was a wonderful study for our people.  It opened their eyes in new ways to the need, the call, and the opportunities.
— Dr. Brant D. Baker Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Mesa

Biblical PathWays

  • God's endeavor to redeem all peoples and its relationship to His Kingdom intentions
  • The interaction of blessing and responsibility
  • The Old Testament accounts and their Kingdom connection
  • Jesus' attitude toward the nations
  • Paul's strategic undertakings

Historical PathWays

  • How has the Gospel moved through history?
  • What elements contribute to reaching a culture?
  • How do God's people disciple nations?
  • What barriers keep the Good News from moving forward?
  • What practical lessons from the past can instruct us for the future?

Strategic PathWays

  • What is a "people group" and why do we need to understand that concept?
  • Which nations and peoples still remain to be reached?
  • What methods have been successful in penetrating closed countries?
  • How can the Gospel move effectively throughout a people group?
  • What is the role of development in extending the whole Gospel?

Cultural PathWays

  • What is culture and how can it be redeemed?
  • What does it take to enter and impact a culture effectively?
  • How is the message the same and how is it different in different cultures?
  • What form will the church take in each culture?
  • How do we reach oral learners?

Partnership PathWays

  • How God's people discover opportunities for strategic significance
  • The types of joint ventures that link local churches and missions agencies
  • How third world Christians and Western Christians can partner effectively
  • What role does reconciliation play in healing the nations?

Earlier in my ministry, I took the PathWays class. It was great! We re-shaped our global outreach and approach at our church as a result of seeing and hearing what God was doing around the world. I recommend this class for everyone.
— Kevin Hartke Pastor, Trinity Christian Fellowship, Chandler