What is Pathways? 

Pathways is a course that is centered on Scripture, various speakers, and fellowship. In this course, we learn about the call of Abraham to be a blessing to the entire earth. Come see the golden thread throughout the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation of God making himself known to all peoples and find where you fit in that story! 



4 Reasons to Commit to Pathways:


Pop Your Bubble

Ever wonder about different cultures around the world? Life in the rhythm of our society can distract us from God’s plan for his people. We hope to do all we can to pop your bubble in this course.

Grow Your Purpose

Ever get the feeling that you were made for more? We believe God has a calling on each life and this course is designed to help each person find their individual purpose in God’s Story.

Challenge Yourself

It has been said nothing good comes easily. This course is not just weekly discussions. It will be challenging and soul searching.

Discover The Biblical Call

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible paints a picture of God’s redemptive story for every nation. We will cover and discuss many passages of scripture that refer to God’s heart for the nations.



For the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the water cover the seas.

~ Habakkuk 2:14